Speed Dating Events – How to Stand Out From the Crowd and Get More 2nd Dates

Speed dating events are a really fun way to meet other singles. They take a lot of the pressure off. But to get the contact information (and a possible second date) with the person you are interested in you need them to be interested in you as well. So how do you stand out from the crowd. I am going to give you two solid basics plus one secret weapon to get you noticed.#1. Good grooming. This one is pretty obvious, but sometimes overlooked. First impressions do count, especially at a speed dating event. Wash your hair and smell nice. Wear a fashionable outfit. You will be surprised at how far it can take you.#2. Be prepared. Have a list of interesting, but not too personal questions to ask your dates. And then listen. Don’t assume that it will just flow on it’s own. Questions about their hobbies and interests are always good. Try things like, “What is your favorite movie?”, and “What do you like to read?” are good ones to start out with. Above all else make sure you smile (and if appropriate laugh).#3. The secret ingredient. Use pheromone perfumes or colognes. They can really give you an edge over others who are not using them. What pheromone products do is enhance your basic personality. They make you seem more attractive and interesting. It is important that you only buy quality (there is plenty of junk out there) and practice with them before wearing them to a big speed dating event.

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